The Story of ANTCUBE™

ANTCUBE™ was created in early 2015 by Martin Sebesta, the founder of ANTSTORE. After 15 years in business, he wanted to create a product, that is perfectly designed for ant keepers as well as their ants. Due to his expertise, after facing the many problems ant keepers and ants had with existing products, he designed a new series of Formicariums. ANTCUBE™ was born. Since then we have continously improved our products and are always working on new innovations.

Our Goal

We want to make ant keeping more professional and more popular around the world.

Glass other than plastic or acrylic does not change its shape over time (by heat or moisture) which keeps the ants in their setup and makes maintenance as easy as possible. Additional, glass is very long lasting and by this reduces waste.

We also use sustainable packaging and materials for our products whereever we can to reduce our impact on climate change.