Professional Ant Keeping Equipment

Glass Ant Farms, Formicariums and Ant Arenas handmade in Germany

The first Ant keeping Shop

With more than 20 years in business we are the most experienced and largest manufacturer of Ant Keeping products worldwide. Our expertise and professionality determine our work

Premium products

Our Ant Farms and Formicariums are made of Glass. This ensures a long lasting Product which is easy to clean and even after a long time does not show signs of usage

Highly customizable

Our Ant Farms, Formicariums and Ant Arenas are all connectable and customizable. This ensures the right size and climatic conditions for every Ant Colony

We are looking for Resellers!

We are looking for Resellers and Partners to sell our ANTCUBE products to Ant keepers all around the world. If you want to join us and participate in creating a worldwide community of ant and nature lovers feel free to contact us under

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Meet our Team

We are working hard to create the professional products our clients and their ants love

Our Ant Keeping Products

Ant Keeping Starter kits – perfectly designed for beginners in the Hobby

Starter kits Habitat

Our Starter kits “Habitat” are divided in the 4 most common natural habitats. “Desert”, “Meadow”, “Forest” and “Rainforest”. This gives you the opportunity to keep your ants as natural as possible. Additional our Starter kits feature a great selection of equipment which is essential for ant keeping.

Starter kits Combi

Our Starter kit “Combi” is the most basic version of our selection of products for beginners in ant keeping. It features an ant arena with integrated nesting area for the ants. Basic equipment is also included.

Starter kits Cork, Gypsum, Digfix

Our Starter kits “Cork”, “Gypsum” and “Digfix” are designed for the needs of certain ant species. They feature a nest inset made of cork, gypsum or digfix. Additional they are packed with a selection of equipment that is essential to start with keeping ants. The only thing you need in addition is an ant colony.

Additional Equipment

Here you can find our additional ant keeping equipment and modules to expand your existing ant kingdom.

“Highly competent staff and quality products. Great selection of ants. Been a customer for more than 10 years.”

Wolfgang H.

“Wow, really classy products. They’re a bit more expensive than eBay, but it’s worth it. Before that I had a plastic nest that quickly became junk. But these glass ant nests are really great. The advice from the seller was also very friendly and informative.”

Jochen W.

“In my opinion, the AntCube Arenas are the best on the market!”

Simon G.

Let’s work together to make ant keeping more professional and popular

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