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We are looking for Resellers and Partners to sell our ANTCUBE products to Ant keepers all around the world. We want to build an international community of shop owners and hobbyists to make ant keeping more popular and professional. If you own a shop already or are looking for a new business opportunity feel free to contact us.

Ant keeping is a growing business

Ant keeping has become very popular in the last few years. We are witnessing a growing community of passionate ant lovers from all around the world. Additionally we are getting more and more requests from companies, zoos, museums, universities, scientific institutions etc.


We are one of the largest and the longest existing ant store in the world. More than 20 years of experience in keeping ants and building formicariums have made us what we are today. We are convinced that quality, durability and sustainability are becoming more and more important. Therefore we focus on glass as material for our formicariums. In contrast to acrylic and plastic, glass leaves a much smaller ecological footprint. In addition, we are working on completely recyclable packaging.

Glass also has the advantage that it does not deteriorate at any temperature or humidity suitable for ant keeping. Glass panes do not get scratched so quickly, do not deform and do not discolor. The cleaning and operation are easy, the appearance is very natural and chic. Our escape protection is very effective, even with particularly small ant species, and there are endless possibilities for adaptation and expansion.

Why Ant keeping?

Ants are very easy to keep, depending on the species. You need little space and can feed them pretty much anything. Ants cause hardly any odors, are very clean animals, make no noise and produce almost no costs after the acquisition of the colony and the formicarium. Besides, they never have to go to the vet.

Ants are incredibly fascinating. Watching a single queen raise her first workers over a period of years and then watch her colony grow to thousands of members over the years through perfect cooperation and use of resources is a unique experience. They are extremely social animals and some species form different castes such as workers, soldiers, farmers or even nurses and guess what, they are all females. Ants are also incredibly important to our environment. Not only are they present in every habitable ecosystem in the world, they are more specialized and versatile than any other species. Ants are also similar to us in the way they live. The division of labor, living together in large colonies in a confined space, and the use of different levels of the food chain in all ecosystems make them so successful, just like us humans. The only difference is that we are nowhere near as efficient, and ants have been around for more than 130 million years, while humans have only been around for about 300,000.

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